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The PYL Board would like to announce that Pembroke Youth Lacrosse has joined the Crossroad Township League (CTL) for all Boys U11, 13, 15 levels. League page click here. 

PYL will no longer participate in the Mass Bay Youth Lacrosse League (MBYLL) which were the Sunday games in the past. Lack of local teams and more so playing towns that were not evenly stacking teams made this move necessary.

From a player’s perspective, there will be minimal change:

  • Still have multiple teams at U11,13,15.
    • U13, 15 will have 1 Town and 1 Select Team.
    • U11 will have Select Full field and small ball teams, more to come on this.
    • Additional U9 information to come as well.
  • Players will be placed on either the Select or Town teams based on player evaluations by the coaching staff, just as it has been done in the past. Dates of tryouts are U15 March 13th and U13 March 15th both at HanoverU 6:00-7:00.
    • U11 Select, U13 & 15 ALL teams will play in a competitive division with Team standings, game scores being kept, and a year-end playoff tournament.
  • What is eliminated is a 2nd Town team forcing need to have 2 level teams.


Benefits are significant we see:

  • Continue to practice together as a age group and grow together.
  • Stronger players will have the opportunity to participate at a higher level on the Select team.
  • Town players will have an opportunity to compete against players with similar skills, which will build their confidence and give them more game time than they may have had in the past.
  • Players at both levels will also be able to play up or play down. Players on Select that are not getting as much playing time, or Town players that are excelling, will have an opportunity to play both Select and Town.
    • The coaching staff will have discretion to invite players to play up or down. Decisions will be based on player commitment/performance & needs of team.
    • Dividing teams in this manner allows players to practice and play in games with like-skilled peers so that each player’s potential learning curve, interest in the game and desire to continue to play are maximized.
    • Having someone at top of the Select team talent wise play on a Town team and dominate is what we are getting away from in previous years in MBYLL.
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